An incorrectly set up bike can cause discomfort and reduce your cycling efficiency. Why would you put up with that when it's so easy to fix?

The cramping of my toes has been eliminated and the power I’m getting out of my pedal stroke is verging on unbelievable!

— Lyn

At VBike our master bike fitter Craig Baldwin, will get you set up correctly in three easy steps.

Firstly, he'll determine your ideal position on a bike based on your riding stye, body shape, and flexibility. Then he'll adjust your bike to recreate your ideal position. Then we'll give you a diagram of your perfect bike set up. You’ll never ride an ill-fitting bike again.


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Level 3 Fit + Bike CAD

2.5 hours

Same service as the Level 3 but also includes a Custom Bike CAD drawing which will give you an exact replica of your ideal custom geometry accurate to 1mm.

Level 3 Fit

2.5 hours

We determine your ideal cycling position on our adjustable fit bike and then replicate that position down to the nearest millimetre on your bike.

Level 2 Fit

1.5 hours

Fine-tune your bike position to improve your comfort and performance.

Pre-Purchase Fit


Get a pre-purchase fit to ensure you end up with the perfect ride.

Custom Footbeds

45 mins

To prevent knee strain, we recommend custom footbeds for nearly every cyclist.

Laser Knee Alignment

45 mins

Having the correct knee alignment is critical to efficient, injury-free cycling.

Please note: replacement parts and parts fitting not included in price.


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