Bike Fitting

Maximise power and comfort on the bike

VBike offers professional Road, Mountain, and Triathlon bike fitting services

No matter what your cycling goals are we can help make your cycling more enjoyable and pain free. A bike fit will be beneficial to your riding experience, enhancing both comfort and performance.

“An incorrectly set up bike can cause discomfort and reduce your cycling efficiency. Why would you put up with that when it is so easy to fix”

Bike Fit Options

Pre purchase fit – $100 (45 mins)

With a pre purchase fit, your bike contact points are taken on our size cycle, we can then work out which bikes within your budget are the closest fit.

VBIKE fit – $200 (1.5 Hours)

The focus of a VBike Fit is establishing a comfortable postion that allows you to chase your unique sporting goals. This bikefit involves a continuous feedback loop whereby the fitter collates information communicated by the rider, together with video analysis and observation, to determine your optimal position.