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Our workshop rate is $90/hour.

TLC Service

2-3 hours

This service is a high quality option for people looking for some TLC on there beloved machine. The aim of this service is to bring your bike back to near showroom condition.


  • Full strip, clean, lube and polish of drive train, headset and bottom bracket
  • Full gear and brake tune and replacement of any damaged or worn cables and parts.
  • Front and rear wheel true
  • Safety check of tyres, frame, forks, brake pads etc.
  • Full bike clean, grease, and polish

We only use the best quality lubricants and carbon specific polish for this service

Standard Service

60 mins


  • Gear tune.

  • Brake tune.

  • Minor wheel true.

  • Tyre pressure check.

  • Light Clean+polish (Frame/forks only)

  • Test ride

Pre-Race Service

30-45 mins

A pre race check for your machine.


  • Safety inspection to make sure that everything on your bike runs as smooth as silk for your race.

  • Gear and brake cable assessment and replacement if necessary. (If you feel your cables may need replacing please book in at least 7 days before your race to allow for the cables to stretch)

  • Tyre pressure check.

  • Re-lube of chain with race oil if required.

  • Swap/fit of race tyres to bike.


Drivetrain Recondition

1.5 hours


  • Chain test for any stretch

  • Degrease crankset, cassette and derailleurs (including jockey wheels)

  • Remove, clean and re-grease the bottom bracket

  • Re-grease/lubricate all component pivot and joining points

  • Reassemble and tune all components

  • Test Ride

BB Recondition

45 mins

A complete strip down and re-grease of your Bottom bracket to eliminate the dreaded creaking and clicking.


  • Complete clean and de grease of bottom bracket shell/BB cups

  • Regrease the entire bottom bracket area using only the finest waterproof grease.

  • Safety inspection of the bottom bracket area