Buying a new road bike? Make sure you get the perfect ride. 

A 45-minute pre-purchase fit can help you avoid years of inefficient and uncomfortable time in the saddle.


How we can help you to buy the right size road bike.

Based on your riding style, flexibility and body shape, we work out your ideal position on our studio size bike. You’ll walk out armed with your correct bike measurements and the information you need to buy the right size bike..


Choose the right fitter.

Our master bike fitter, Craig Baldwin, has fitted over 3,000 Auckland cyclists and many more at top fitting shops in the UK.

Craig uses the latest tools, including specialized software, to get your bike measurements right to the nearest millimetre. You'll get a 360-degree fit - covering your left and right sides, front and back and feet.


buy the best bike for you.

Buying a bike isn't a one-brand-fits-all deal. Craig will help you identify, and even source, the bike brand that suits your body best. What's more, because VBike isn't aligned to any one bike brand you'll know you're getting truly unbiased advice.


Around 80% of people are riding the wrong size bike.
— Craig Baldwin, VBike Master Bike Fitter.

Make sure your new bike is the right size. Book a pre-purchase bike fit now.