Strength and endurance

This is the ultimate strength 60-minute session, encompassing big gear work and hill work while maintaining a high cadence. We recommend you include one of these sessions a week in your program.



This 60-minute session works the muscles in the legs, particularly the quads, which helps build overall speed and endurance. Workout includes added load with low cadence.



This one-hour workout is designed to push you anaerobically to your maximum, and is a good workout when preparing for races. It will include short intervals, a medium gradient while maintaining a slightly faster cadence with 95­-105% of FTP



This 60-min workout is designed to help you build strength in the legs for those tough hills. The cadence is slightly higher than the strength workout with increasing gradients at regular intervals


Movie Power

This is the daddy of VBike rides, and not for the faint hearted. You will ride non-stop for two hours with a mix of strength, threshold and endurance, while using the distraction of an action movie to disguise the pain! Good luck. This is a popular class so bookings are essential.


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