I'm an ordinary cyclist. My little legs, low threshold for pain and microscopic attention span (was that a coffee shop?), make any ride over 80km challenging.


So the thought of doing the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge's 160kms is a little scary. That's why I've come up with a strategy which I hope might inspire some other ladies to give it a go with me too.


My plan

1. Make a commitment. In Think Small, the surprisingly simple ways to reach big goals, by Rory Gallagher, making a public commitment is a classic behavioural technique that makes it more likely you'll achieve your goals. Tick. Rory also recommends appointing a commitment referee which makes it even harder to back out. Anyone interested?


2. Employ the power of incremental gains. I'll need a lot more than fitness to make it round Taupo on 25 November. That's why I'm hoping a whole lot of small, incremental gains will add up. Over the next 156 days or so (if you're counting, click here and scroll down to see the time clock), I'll focus on developing some key skills like learning to ride in a bunch, improving my pedal stroke efficiency and hill climbing technique, changing a tire (seriously) and setting my bike up properly. I'll write about these in future road-to-Taupo blogs.


3. get fit. My initial plan is to train mainly indoors especially over winter, while trying to get at least one long ride in once a month. Apparently, the key to making sure workouts get done is scheduling them into your calendar at the same time each day - so it becomes routine. I plan to track my fitness with regular FTP and MAF testing at VBike.


4. Set a measurable goal. The last thing I need to do before the hard work starts is setting a measurable goal. I need to name a realistic time for getting round the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge. I've got no idea what this might be so I'll do some research and include it in next week's blog.


That's it for this week. I hope you'll join me on my adventure. After all - if I can make it round Taupo, anyone can.


Interested in training for Taupo? Sign up to VBike's 12-week Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge indoor cycling programme before 31 July 2017 to get your $300 early-bird discount.