The human eye can only pick up so much on its own


We sometimes need a little hand to help us achieve success.



Think of an astronomer without a telescope, a lab technician without a microscope or something a little closer to home, office worker without a computer. These are all things that nowadays we take for granted and in way this jus how I think about bike fitting in 2015. You still have lots of people doing "static eyeball" fits on clients. The human eye can only achieve an accuracy level of around 7 degrees on a static angle and that level drops to around 10 degrees when the angle is moving "dynamic"


Imagine an engineer working to this level of accuracy!!


Ok so let me explain Static fit vs Dynamic fit.


Static fit has been around since the 70s and is what I like to call the "caveman fit", I don't think I need to explain why! Simply having the rider stop and looking at the angles with the naked eye or using a goniometer device on someone's leg. The issue with this is that when the rider stops pedaling the muscles relax and so does the heel. The static leg angle will always differ to when someone is actually pedaling!


Dynamic fit is the 2015 way to bike fit client.With Dynamic fit the rider is filmed and then the software allows us to put the angles on to the moving pedaling riders realtime. Very accurate and very fast! This also means we can highlight a section, take measurements this brings down the tolerance to around a 2-3 degree accuracy level


I the same as every fitter have used the static method in the past before the technology was there to help. In every job a person thrives for perfection, I am no different! Technology is here to stay and everyday it becomes more advanced. Embrace the change. A tool cannot replace someones knowledge of the game, it purely allows then to achieve a more accurate more satisfying end result which at the end of the day is what really matters.