Want to get the most out of every workout? The key to successful training is absorbing the load - making sure you're recovered from one workout to the next.  

Ninety percent of people don't give themselves time to recover.  Athletes can go day-to-day, month-to-month without recovering; eventually their bodies break down and they get sick, injured or simply lose their mojo. 

I think most people find giving themselves time to absorb their training load the hardest part of cycling. Sound familiar?  Remember - sometimes you just have to have an easy day, an easy week, an easy month or sometimes an easy year.

Here's a great example. Cameron Brown has a Zen-like approach to recovery. Despite an epic training workload, he's successful because he gives himself time to recover, remains motivated and never races in training.  Some people race to train, but Cameron trains to race.  

Remember to build recovery into your programme so you can absorb your training.