SpinScan for Perfpro is exciting new technology to VBike which gives visual analysis of the rider's pedal stroke, so that they can become more efficient and powerful.

The information provided from the assessment includes; the SpinScan Numbers for both legs which is the Average Torque divided by Maximum Torque multiplied by 100, The Power Split Percentage between both legs, and your Average Torque Angle (ATA). The everyday human will have a SpinScan number around 70, this indicates you push down slightly more than you pull back, anything above this is considered very efficient and it is likely few adjustments would be needed as your balance between pushing down and pulling back is near perfect. If your SpinScan score is less than 70, not to worry it just means you are "mashing" the pedals and some adjustment is needed.

All of this is provided on the screen while you ride, with a graph that shows your torque, also known as strength, through one 360º rotation around the crank. The graph includes 12 bars for each leg, each bar representing 15 degrees of one rotation down the crank to the bottom of your pedal stroke at 180º, then back up to 0º.

Your pedalling sequence generally generates the most torque at bars 5 and 6 as you near 180º of one rotation. However, if you are riding efficiently you should be aiming to have each bar tall and level. The taller and more level your bar graph, the more powerful and efficient you are riding throughout your whole pedal sequence.

Your Power Balance between your left and right leg is also assessed in the graph. The vertical line in the centre of the bar graph will sit evenly between the left and right leg data, unless you have muscle imbalance where it will move further left or right depending on which leg is stronger. The corresponding percentages beneath the graph will inform you if there is imbalance if it is not showing 50%, the higher the percentage is on one leg, the more torque that leg is generating and therefore more strength/power it has. 

Our Head Coach Jianni Koutsos can then review the data and  adjust your pedal stroke to eliminate any weaknesses present, so you can be the most efficient rider you can. The results may also indicate that your bike is not fitted to you correctly, in which case Jianni will put you on to our specialist bike fitter, Craig.

So why do a SpinScan Analysis? Here at VBike we want you to be able to get the most out of your rides every time, both physically and mentally. If you are a more efficient rider you will be using your muscles in a more effective way in turn helping make you stronger and more fit. And we all know that if your feeling physically better about your fitness, then mentally you will feel great too, there is no reason why you can't hit new FTP highs!

Within only 60 minutes of riding our specialised course we will have all the results you need. Get in contact with us about booking in your SpinScan Analysis today, after all you have nothing to lose, only efficiency to gain.