Women are leading the way for the future growth of cycling. For the first time in American history 60% of bicycle owners between the ages of 18 – 27 are women. Generation Y ladies represent an important change to who’s buying and riding bikes.

  • 45% of bike owners between ages 28 – 45 are women.
  • 49% of bike owners between ages 50 – 69 are women.

The growing importance of women to the bike industry is seeing the emergence of expanded product lines, 

Now offering a greater selection of bikes and accessories, more suited to daily use and families. Retailers now have to reimagine their retail spaces to attract and meet the growing women’s market.

British cycling announced plans to get one million more women on bikes by 2020. Their focus is on encouraging women to cycle recreationally and competitively. This initiative is backed by Olympic and world track championships. Cycling is creating strong role models; not just noted professional cyclists but women in general. Thank goodness the stars are aligning to promote female cycling and the bike industries are turning their attention towards the new female riders. 

Manufactures have asked the question what matters and why?

In 1999 Trek was the first company to offer ergonomically designed bikes for women; by 2004 Specialized and Giant recognized the market potential, they have since possibly taken the lead.  It goes without saying put a woman in a product development and marketing role for women = perfect formula…

Without boring you with start-up statistics and geometric detail this initiative by Specialized, Trek, and Giant saw their product lines expand rapidly over the next decade. As the market grew marketing intelligence allowed the Industry to provide more options to cover a diverse range of riding styles and preferences.

Kate Gruener,  Specialised Global PR Manager, says “We’ve been able to gather a tremendous amount of research through our body geometry fit and fetul 3D fit programs to look at the female anatomy and best reflect this information in our products”

Women have many different body types.

There is no magical combination that suits all, so in recent years it has been encouraging to see how women’s specific data has moved from products for “all women” to acknowledge our different needs and experiences.

Women bike designs, clothing, and saddles are now test driven without having to imagine how it might feel without a heavy modified setup. Women’s riding experiences are becoming normalized, no longer are we sitting on the fringes of sport. 

Great! Now we have an engaged bike industry doing their research to better understand what makes biking an enjoyable sport for women. 

This is a new and exciting mindset that has the future potential to stimulate even more innovations into the cycling industry to better-informed options for women across the board. Long may this process continue!

Cycling indoor or outdoor is a great way to get your cardio each week. It’s a low impact workout, but it’s no ride in the park! (excuse the pun).

Bike riding can be an addictive thing and if you’re on the right machine it’s highly likely you’ll end up riding further and more than you’d originally intended…. 
(Keep this in mind … when eating that last chocolate bar or last glass of wine) 

Come on Gals! We at VBIKE encourage all of you to gain the confidence to come and cycle, we want you to take the first pedal with us!

Beauties on Bikes

Funny story this week!
I spoke to a potential newbie member this week. She was thinking she might give the bike a go, however was terrified she’d fall off the bike…!
I responded telling her the bikes were stationary, so she couldn’t fall off unless she had too many wines.  We both agreed!