In a real tale of perseverance and determination, VBiker Philip Sharrow proved what doesn't kill you, really does make you stronger. Here's his story.


I came off my bike at a fair speed that resulted in fingers pointing in unnatural directions and wrist damage. Given that I couldn't ride outdoors because my hand was in a cast I started indoor training.

 Philip's bike post accident

Philip's bike post accident

Before the accident, I was an averagely fit for a middle-aged desk jockey - my FTP was 252. I commuted to work by bicycle most days and tried to catch up with the Allproof Cycle Club for weekend rides.

To keep fit after my injury I started one-hour sessions on an indoor trainer six times a week. I focussed mostly on strength with sessions tailored to my FTP score. One hour ran me close to my limit but left enough to recover for the following day.

Trainers usually bore me to tears but I started to notice that without really concentrating I was pushing a little harder each day. After two-and- a-half months I had another FTP test done - my new score was 327. I was shocked at the increase.

Once the cast, splints and other prosthetics off, I ventured back onto the road and the results of the indoor training transferred well.


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