There are many different types of handlebar out there, in this article i am going give you a run down of some of the different styles and options available.

Traditional/old school bar
Not really a recommended bar from a comfort/bike fit point of view and also not a very practical option as this type of handle bar has many limitations.

Short/Shallow Bar
Short shallow bars are a much better option when choosing the correct handlebar, they are available in extra short reach if you have smaller hands and in a long reach to accommodate larger hands.

Handlebar Profile
It is important I believe to have what i like to call “Parallel” Handlebars to maximize not just comfort but also efficiency on the bike.

So what are Parallel Bars? parallel bars are bars where the top and bottom of the bar are parallel (or as close as can be) to the ground.

This type of bar will give you many positions and also will be more aesthetically pleasing on the eye by having a smoother line from hood into the bar (most brake hoods are now designed with this type of bar in mind).

Bar Comfort

Vibration on bikes used to be a big problem but with advances in technology it is now much better, however chip sealed roads can send your bike in to complete shock. Carbon handlebars can really help with this although will be more taxing on your wallet. Alloy bars with a good quality bar tape will also go a long way to help with road vibration.

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