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The secret to life is body movement



Getting started at VBike is easy.

At VBike we love helping people get fit, have fun and stay healthy. It starts with a simple fitness test so we can plug you into our training programmes at your fitness level, very simple and very personalised.  

Just click the go button below to book your free fitness test and let us help you begin your fitness journey by joining the thousands of fellow kiwis over the last 6 years who have joined the team at VBike.

Just book your free intro and come along with your bike or use one of ours. Allow at least an hour for your fitness assessment and tour.


Our free intro includes a fitness assessment and consultation. We’ll show you around, ask about your cycling history and do a FTP test (Functional Threshold Power). This gives us the FTP score we need to customize every indoor cycling training session to you. You don’t need to train for your FTP test.


If you feel like you’re ready to jump on board and join the team already, then choose one of our memberships options which include one, six and twelve-month memberships as well as concession cards or casual drop-ins.



You can book and manage classes whatever way suits you best with our member portal or the Gymmaster app. Apple / Android

Choose from five types of workouts – hills, threshold, strength, endurance & strength or Saturday morning’s two-hour movie class (available to 12-month members only).

Want to do a course simulation instead of a class? Just ask and we’ll book a time.



Whether you want to get faster, get a personal best, lose weight or simply get into cycling, training consistently at VBike will help you to achieve your goal.

Want to take things a step further? SpinScan can help you improve pedalling technique and efficiency. Our coaching packages are designed to get you ready for a specific cycle event or discipline like triathlon. And, a bike fit can maximize your power and comfort on the bike.



Cycling at its heart is social. VBike is a friendly place and the team will always take an interest in how you’re doing and introduce you to other members. To stay across what’s happening, just like our FaceBook page and sign up (below) to our newsletter.



You’ll start seeing and feeling improvements in your cycling after just a few regular sessions. Regularly retaking a FTP test (around every three months) helps you to monitor your progress and, most importantly, keeps workouts aligned to your current fitness – so you’re always reaching for the next level.

Training at VBike means you always know what is going well and where you might need to improve. No more guesswork. You’ll have everything you need to quickly and easily take your cycling to the next level.