Want to maintain your hard-won form, take it to the next level or simply get a little more serious about cycling?

Our indoor cycling studio is the place to ride when you can’t get out on your bike. Ride just six sessions over three weeks at VBike and we think you’ll notice a significant improvement in your speed and endurance.

Get fit fast

VBike offers an innovative, technology-enabled approach to indoor bike training. Everything we do is based on proven, up-to-the-minute training techniques. Our system breaks your training down to a science, so you don’t have to.

Unlike a traditional spin class, we provide a real-life riding experience. VBike’s specialized software, computerized indoor trainers and custom sessions deliver a workout fined-tuned for your strength and fitness, while real-time data and post-session reports allow you to track your progress.


How it works


Individualised workouts

Our specialized software uses your FTP score to provide the level of resistance you specifically need during each workout.

Every session is tailored to your exact fitness so you’re pushed precisely the right amount to improve your performance on the bike.

Ride your bike or ours

You can ride your road bike, mountain bike or whatever other bike you’d like. Bring it to class and attach it to a specialized VBike indoor trainer.

Don’t have a bike? Use one of our fully adjustable road-style bikes. 


Eighty20 workouts

Maximise your time in the saddle and avoid injury, boredom and over or under training. Every VBike workout has been designed to deliver the right balance of intensity and recovery.

Our approach, Eighty20, combines high intensity intervals with low intensity training across five different class types – hills, threshold, strength, endurance & strength and a two-hour movie class.

Measurable progress

You can't improve what you can't measure. After your ride a comprehensive performance report will be sent straight to your inbox.

Training at VBike means you always know what is going well and where you might need to improve. No more guesswork. You'll have everything you need to quickly and easily take your cycling to the next level.


Real-time data

Vbike's specialized software delivers live performance data to your personal dashboard as you ride.

Seeing your heart rate, watts, cadence and other key metrics helps keep you focused during each workout and helps to make sure you’re applying the right amount of effort.

Classic virtual courses

Ride New Zealand's greatest routes from our studio. Our simulations let you experience and train on routes before race day.

We ride every course ourselves and record video, gradient and distance. Back in the studio these readings translate into an exact replica of the ride. Your legs won't know the difference!


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