Meet Our Team

Shop Manager
Grant Borrill

Grant grew up as a track runner, competing and training with Olympians during his University years studying Sports Science. He turned to cycling after moving to New Zealand back in 2008, and between his time in South Africa and New Zealand he and his wife ran their own personal training business for more than 16 years and Grant has spent 6 of those years in fitness equipment and bicycle sales. Grant’s passion and energy for cycling and also helping people achieve fitness goals, brings a unique and uplifting customer experience to VBike as he helps Jianni with a bit of coaching and runs the everyday operations of the VShop.

Most of the time pedantic people can be pretty annoying; unless of course that person is your mechanic and he’s being pedantic about your bike. Well that person is Ant, the man running VBike’s workshop. (And don’t worry… he’s not actually annoying at all)

Ant has many years experience wrenching for New Zealand’s best. With a magpie’s eye for detail and Cipollini’s eye for style, Ant will turn your beloved old road bike back into a work of art – or build your next masterpiece, (complete with custom wheels if you like). It might be worth popping by and buying him a hot chocolate with caramel to talk about your next workshop job.