Meet Our Team

Bike Fit Technician
Craig Baldwin
Craig’s passion for working on bikes started when he was at school doing work experience in the local bike shop after school and at weekends. Over the following years while furthering his skills working in bike shops he also completed a diploma in engineering in the UK.

Craig went on to specialize in bike fit in the UK, then Australia before arriving in NZ in early 2008. Since then Craig has established himself as one of New Zealand’s best bike fit technicians and mechanics. He has personally fitted over 3,000 Auckland cyclists.

Most of the time pedantic people can be pretty annoying; unless of course that person is your mechanic and he’s being pedantic about your bike. Well that person is Ant, the man running VBike’s workshop. (And don’t worry… he’s not actually annoying at all)

Ant has many years experience wrenching for New Zealand’s best. With a magpie’s eye for detail and Cipollini’s eye for style, Ant will turn your beloved old road bike back into a work of art – or build your next masterpiece, (complete with custom wheels if you like). It might be worth popping by and buying him a hot chocolate with caramel to talk about your next workshop job.

Never shy of a challenge, John Lee has been an entrepreneur since his early years as a paperboy in Dunedin. Founder of one of Australia’s largest and most awarded post production companies, Cutting Edge, John is recognised as a skilled Technical Director and businessman with a colourful and dynamic career.

A keen cyclist for many years, John learned the benefit of indoor cycling in Australia when he signed up for 1,000km ride and had never biked more than 40 kms in one day. The indoor cycle gym more than got him to the level he needed to average more than 160km a day. So after 25 years of growing Cutting Edge, John sold the company to return to NZ and realise his dream of opening his own cycle studio.