Clif Shot Energy Gel Box

Flavor: Chocolate
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CLIF SHOT® takes a streamlined approach to performance nutrition – delivering only what your body needs most while training and racing. Fuel your adventure

CLIF® SHOT® Energy Gel provides quick energy to athletes while racing and training. 5 flavors, with ingredients that are 90% organic, and a thin consistency make getting energized between breaths quick and easy. With Litter Leash® Packaging.

Choclate: Energizing chocolate that won't melt in your pocket
Citrus: Key in on this lemon + lime masterpiece. Light tasting, refreshing, and ready to rock, run, and roll
Double Expresso: Caffeine motivation, fast. Because you can't drop by a cafe mid-race
Mocha: Chocolate + coffee flavors, with a kick of caffeine. A deliciously dynamic duo

Razz: Get Razzed, get energized and get to the finish line

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