Rotor T4724 T47 Internal Ceramic for 24mm

Option: Rotor Bottom Bracket T4724 T47 Internal for 24mm Cranks Ceramic Red
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You think that your bike's performance features could be enhanced with components selected á la carte at your local bike shop — and that you should be able to accomplish this despite the spawn of deviant bottom bracket "standards" that have created component compatibility issues. Threaded bottom brackets like your T47 BB shell shouldn't foil plans to upgrade your ride. ROTOR T4724 bottom bracket is the "yes" component to "Is this compatible with my T47 threaded BB shell for a 24 mm axle?"



  •  - T4724 Internal BB steel (Black): 99.5 g
  •  - T4724 Internal BB ceramic (Red): 93 g


  •  - Designed to work with T47 threaded BB shell
  •  - 24 mm axle ROTOR cranksets compatible
  •  - Shimano® crankset compatible
  •  - Compatible with 85.5 & 86.5 mm wide Road frames
  •  - Compatible with 89.5 & 92 mm wide MTB frames


  •  - Aluminum alloy 7075 100% CNC-machined
  •  - Silicone seals

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