Tern Derailleur Hanger Silver Q/R

Option: Tern Derailleur Hanger Silver Q/R
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Compatible Tern Bikes: Vektron D8 MY18, Vektron D8 MY19, Vektron D8 MY20, Vektron D8 MY21, Vektron P7i MY19, Vektron P7i MY20, Vektron P7i MY21, Vektron P9 MY18, Vektron P9 MY19, Vektron P9 MY20, Vektron Q9 MY19, Vektron Q9 MY20, Vektron Q9 MY21, Vektron S10 MY17, Vektron S10 MY18, Vektron S10 MY19, Vektron S10 MY20, Vektron S10 MY21, Verge D9 MY17, Verge D9 MY18, Verge D9 MY19, Verge D9 MY20, Verge D9 MY21, Verge P10 MY17, Verge P10 MY18, Verge P10 MY19, Verge P10 MY20, Verge P10 MY21, Verge S8i MY16, Verge S8i MY17, Verge S8i MY18, Verge S8i MY19, Verge S8i MY20, Verge S8i MY21, Verge X11 MY17, Verge X11 MY18, Verge X11 MY19, Verge X11 MY20, Verge X11 MY21

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