Training is much more fun when you’ve got great gear.

If you don’t want to BYO your bike to VBike cycling studio, you can still have a very life-like ride indoors with a PowerWatts adjusta bike.

Paired with our indoor cycling software to provide real-time performance data, our adjust bikes make training at VBike convenient, comfortable and effective.


How is an adjusta cycle different from a spin bike?

Because most of our riders prefer riding outdoors, we like to keep cycling real. Unlike spin bikes, the PowerWatts adjusta bike is a purpose-built indoor cycling bike with gears. Built to Shimano specs, you can ditch the old-style spin bike knobs. No more guessing what gear you’re in!

If you’re into riding and don’t want to BYO, this is the indoor bike you'll want to train on for your next cycle event.


Train to your full potential indoors

Exercise physiologists and cycling coaches have been working on the PowerWatts design for over 20 years so riders of all levels can train happily and effectively.

Fully adjustable, you'll get a comfortable fit whether you’re 4’11 or 6’7.

To get started, just let us know that you want to use an adjusta bike. We’ll get you set up and record the details so it’s the right ride for you every time.