When temperatures drop, it's time to take action to avoid sickness and fatigue. Here's my four top tips to staying well.

When temperatures drop, it’s time to take action to avoid sickness and fatigue. Here’s my four top tips to staying well and training in winter

1. Apply the FITT principles to your training schedule

Frequency. Depending on your workload, aim to train 2-4 times a week. Remember to allow for recovery so your muscles have time to rebuild and absorb the full benefits of your training.

Intensity. If you’re training more than twice a week, manage your intensity by alternating between hard and easier rides – especially if training back to back.

Type. Depending on what you’re training for, aim to keep your rides varied. This will also help keep you motivated to keep riding through the week. If you’re a VBike regular, balance your training with other forms of physical activity. Weather allowing, try to get some outdoor rides in.

Time. During winter, do a one-hour ride and a 1.5-hour ride OR two-hour movie power (exclusive to 12-month members).


2. Eat well

Nutrition is a key way to fight the cold, so make sure you’re eating a balanced diet built around fruit, vegetables and quality proteins. I opt for a balanced diet with low carbohydrates, low-to-no sugar (unrefined natural sugars only), high protein and good fats.


3. Sleep well

It’s the hours before 12 that count the most, so try to get to sleep as early as your schedule allows and get eight hours in.

Sleep is a form of recovery that allows your body to replenish and rebuild itself. Sleep is the platform for your next workout.


4. Rug up

Life isn’t always a fashion contest. Make sure you’re wearing your layers – especially when exercising. Try to wear a merino layer or sweat wicking layer next to the skin to prevent the sweat from cooling our body too quickly.


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