If you've never experienced the joy of riding a bike or think you've forgotten how to, VBike offers a private one-hour indoor cycling session designed to help get you on the road.


Ride a real bike indoors.

Because most people like riding outdoors best, we like to keep cycling real.

Unlike spin bikes, VBike’s PowerWatts adjusta cycles are purpose-built indoor training bikes with gears and step-in cycling pedals (we can supply shoes). You’ll feel like you’re riding a real road bike and, importantly, get to practise changing gears and clipping in and out of pedals in a safe environment, away from traffic.


Cycle some of the country's classic routes virtually in our studio.

Experience what it’s really like out on the road with our cycling course simulations.

Choose between Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge, Tour of Northland or Tour de Ranges virtual ride. Experience the flats, the climbs and the down hills. You’ll get an exact replica of the ride because we’ve cycled each course and recorded video, distance and gradient.


Ready to get on your bike?  Book a VBike private bike riding session today.