Training Philosophy

Take a proven approach to improving your cycling fitness and become a fitter, stronger cyclist.

Training at high intensity might feel good but there’s growing scientific evidence it’s not the best approach – especially if you’re training for a big cycle event.

Whether you’re training for a cycle event, just keeping fit or wanting to lose weight, Eighty20 provides a realistic way to maximize fitness gains and performance – especially if you’ve got limited time.

Renowned running coach Arthur Lydiard used the 80:20 principle to train triple Olympic gold medal runner, Peter Snell.

Lydiard knew high intensity interval training could only be sustained with a large amount of recovery or aerobic training. Training somewhere in the middle (the not-too-hard and not-to-easy go-to training strategy of most amateurs) produced no true gains. Today, Grant Schofield, Professor of Public Health at Auckland University of Technology and Director of AUT’s Human Potential Centre (HPC) and Professor Paul Laursen have found the optimal HIIT:LIT mix can generate performance gains of up to 4%.

For a well-trained athlete, this can make the difference between winning and losing.



Most top athletes dedicate around 20% of their training to anaerobic, high intensity intervals (HIIT).


— Jianni Koutsos, VBike Head Coach.

Eighty20 breaks your bike training down to a science so you don’t have to.

Eighty20 makes it easy to get it just right and avoid over or under training.

No matter which class you book, you’ll know every workout is on track because it’s based on the sound and scientific 80:20 principle.

You’ll always spend around 80% of the time training in your endurance, fat burning zone with around 20% of the session dedicated to high Intensity interval training.




Using FTP and MAF to track your cycle training progress

VBike uses FTP and MAF fitness testing and there’s nothing that makes us happier than seeing an improvement in your results.

Regular assessments help keep your training on track. When MAF and MAF improve steadily, you’ll know you’re becoming a more effective and efficient cyclist and your aerobic capability and power output are improving. 

If you’re plateauing, it’s a sign that you’re ready to add more high intensity intervals to you training. 

If your results stay the same or go backwards, you’ll know it’s time to adjust your training load.  

Often this indicates a problem – like poor diet, stress or underlying injury.

Get an individualised training workout in every class

Everyone’s aerobic threshold is different.

To find yours’, you’ll need to do a fitness assessment which identifies your FTP score.

This provides the information we need to plug into our specialized indoor cycling software and computerized indoor trainers (BYO bike or use one of our indoor bikes).

The result is a cycling workout tailored exactly to your fitness level.

You ride the same session as your classmates but get the workout that’s most effective for you.


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