All goods supplied by VBike Ltd are covered by the normal manufacturers’ warranty.

  • If an item has failed prematurely please follow our Warranties, Returns and Exchanges procedure (see 3.0), giving us details of the product and fault.
  • Please note that certain products need to be returned to our suppliers, for inspection and possible repair, before a credit can be issued.
  • Goods are subject to the manufacturers’ warranties. We will pass on the benefit of those warranties to you, without being directly liable to you under any warranty.
  • Where goods are subject to warranty, you are responsible for returning them to us or the manufacturer (as provided by the warranty) and you may be responsible for additional costs including (but not limited to) freight. However, if the goods provided to you are faulty we will refund you up to NZ$25 in delivery charges on proof of incurred costs.
  • Any warranty may be voided by damage to or misuse of the product, or problems caused by inadequate packaging or storage.
  • For health and safety reasons we request all used clothing to be washed prior to returning back to us. Failure to do this will result in us having to send them back to you, as we will be unable to inspect these goods.
  • Proof of purchase is required. We will confirm through our systems that we have sold you the product(s) prior to return.