Want to maintain your hard-won form, take it to the next level or simply get a little more serious about cycling?

No matter what your goal is, VBike indoor cycle studio is the place for your winter cycling training.

Developed for roadies, mountain bikers, enthusiasts and triathletes of all abilities, VBike offers an innovative, technology-enabled approach to indoor bike training. Everything we do is based on proven, up-to-the-minute training techniques.


Train smart with a data-driven approach.

Rather than spin bikes, VBike matches specialized software with computerized indoor trainers so every indoor cycling workout can be fine-tuned to your exact fitness level.

Riding in a class alongside others with music helps keep things fun. But it’s our live performance dashboards and post-workout email summaries that keep you focused and help take your cycling to the next level.



Up to 30 classes every day.

Maximise your time in the saddle and avoid injury, boredom and over or under training.

VBike’s head coach, ex-pro ironman Jianni Koutsos has designed every class to deliver the right balance of intensity and recovery. Our approach, Eighty20, combines high intensity intervals with low intensity training across four different classes:

  • hills
  • threshold
  • strength
  • endurance & strength

Saturday morning's two-hour movie class isn't for the faint hearted but it's perfect for the times when you just can't get out on the road.


How it works. 

1. Book your free introduction.

This includes a fitness assessment and consultation. We’d love to show you around. 

2. Join Vbike. Choose your classes.

Choose from one, six and twelve-month memberships. It’s easy to book classes with the ZenPlanner app or through our member portal.

3. Set your cycling goal.

We can help whether your goal is to maintain your form, get faster or achieve a PB at your next event. 

4. Monitor your improvements.

After a few regular sessions, you should start seeing a difference.


Ready to get started? Book your free intro now.