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Auckland's Best Bike Training

Train smarter, have fun, ride bikes!


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Auckland's Best Bike Training

Train smarter, have fun, ride bikes!

What is VBike?

VBike is New Zealand's first and only indoor cycling studio and offers fun, safe, and state-of-the art training for cyclists of all backgrounds and abilities. Train consistently year round rain or shine, avoid traffic, and get the most value from your time in the saddle.

One hour at VBike is like 1.5 hours on the road. Our data-driven trainers customise every session to your precise fitness level, pushing you just the right amount and ensuring rapid fitness gains.  


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How does VBike work?


Ride your own bike or ours

At VBike you can ride your own bike - road, MTB, commuter or TT - with one of our indoor trainers. Or use our fully adjustable road-style bike.

Whatever way you choose to ride, you'll have a world-class training experience.

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Fitness & FTP testing

Whether your cycling goals are to compete at a high level or to just enjoy your daily commute, a fitness test will help you reach them faster.

At VBike we offer Functional Threshold Power (FTP) fitness tests and SpinScan Analysis. This test tells you your power output - and it tells us how to customise every VBike session to your exact training needs.

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Measurable progress

You can't improve what you can't measure. With personal live metrics in your dashboard during every ride, and a comprehensive performance report after, training at VBike means you always know what is going well and where you might need to improve.

No more guesswork. At VBike you'll quickly and easily take your cycling to the next level.

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Personalised training

Your FTP score from your fitness test tells our program how to customise every session to your exact fitness level, pushing you precisely the right amount to rapidly improve your performance on a bike.

This means you're always working towards the next level, and will never plateau in your fitness again.

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Individual coaching

Have a specific goal in mind and want help achieving it? That we can do! Our head coach will work with you to develop a program customised to your level and your goals.

We also run group coaching programs around big events in the NZ cycling calendar. Get in touch for more detail.

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Real NZ course simulations

Ride New Zealand's greatest routes virtually from our studio. Our simulations give you the opportunity to experience and train on routes before race day.

We make our simulations ourselves by riding every course and recording video, gradient, and distance. Back in the studio these readings translate into an exact replica of the ride. Your legs won't know the difference!

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Who is VBike for?

VBike is for cyclists of all backgrounds and abilities. Enthusiasts,  professionals, and anyone who wants to get or keep fit are welcome!



Mountain Bikers




How does VBike differ from gym spin classes?


Train on your own bike or a fully-adjustable bike that fits and rides like a real bike.
Resistance levels are automated and customised to you.
Your personal dashboard shows your real time performance metrics.
Performance reports after every session tell you what you did well and where to improve.
Course simulations allow you train on real race courses in NZ.
Always train in the right zones so you don't overdo it. Key to rapid fitness gains.

Spin Class

Train on a spin bike that doesn't replicate position or feel of a real bike.
Resistance levels are set by feel and difficult to get right.
No indication of your intensity, power output, or performance.
No performance reports or measurable progress.
Sessions are based on time slots not real cycling demands.
No zone control - very easy to over or under train.


What are people saying about VBike? 


“One hour at VBike is like two hours on the road. ”

— Cameron Brown, 13 x Ironman Champion

“I LOVE VBIKE. It’s professional-level training for everyone!”

— Kaytee Boyd, Track Gold Medalist

“Well I’ve won my age group twice since training here, so it definitely works!”

— Deb Watson, Road Cyclist



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NEW - Other Services


NEW - Other Services

Other Services



We have made riding more efficient and comfortable for more than 3,000 cyclists in Auckland.


We'll keep your bike in the best possible condition to improve your rides, your safety, and the longevity of your bike.


We don't sell bikes so we aren't aligned to any brand.  That means our Bike Fitter can give you unbiased help finding the right bike and the best place to buy it.


What we do at VBike is entirely new, so we don't expect you to join on faith.

Includes fitness CONSULTATION AND assessmenT.