Pre Purchase Fit | $99

Determine what size and geometry you need before purchasing a new bike. We take your contact points on our size cycle to work out which bikes, within your budget, are the closest fit.

VBike Fit | $199

This is our go-to fit and focuses on establishing a comfortable position that allows you to chase your unique sporting goals. A thorough check over your position using our in house expertise, video analysis and motion sensors are used to determine your optimal position.

VBike Performance Fit | $299

Tailor your bike position for outdoor events and training with this evidence-based approach to bike fitting. We use motion sensor technology to track your movement patterns on the road, where balance and coordination is in play. A multitude of changes can be tested at varying intensities to discover what position your body responds best to, with race day in mind.

Online Bike Fit | $199

Dial in your bike position remotely if you are unable to visit the store. This service includes two zoom meetings: a preliminary chat and a follow up with analysis and recommendations based on video footage and data that you have shared with us.

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