Take the data-driven approach to cycling training.

Located in the heart of Auckland, VBike is New Zealand's first and only indoor cycling studio dedicated to bike lovers.


Every workout is fine tuned to your exact fitness.

Rather than spin bikes, VBike pairs your bike or ours with specialised software and computerized indoor trainers. 

Every workout you do is customised to your exact fitness level, so you're always pushing enough to improve your performance on a bike.

Take a proven, structured approach to training.

Every VBike session has been written to deliver precisely  the right balance of intensity and recovery, according to the Eighty20 principle. Choose from five different types of workouts and 300 classes per week.

Get unlimited classes from $28 per week.


Maintain your cycling form all year round.

Between work and weather, it’s difficult to ride consistently throughout the year without indoor cycling training

At VBike you can avoid the rain and traffic and have a realistic on-the-road experience - while watching the big screen. It’s a great way to maintain your form, take it to the next level or stay fit


See your progress every time you ride.

You can't improve what you can't measure. With personal live metrics on your dashboard during every ride and a comprehensive performance report after, training at VBike means you always know what's going well and where you might need to improve.

No more guesswork. At VBike you'll quickly and easily take your cycling to the next level.



Who is VBike for?

VBike is for cyclists of all backgrounds and abilities. Enthusiasts, beginners, intermediate and advanced cyclists and anyone else who wants to get or keep fit are welcome!



Mountain Bikers






What are people saying? 

Whether you ride a road or mountain bike, do triathlon or simply want to enjoy a social ride, we can help you to achieve your cycling and fitness goals.


“One hour at VBike is like two hours on the road. ”

Cameron Brown, 13 x Ironman Champion

“It’s professional-level training for everyone.”

Kaytee Boyd, Track Gold Medalist

“I’ve won my age group twice since training here.”

Deb Watson, Road Cyclist




How it works.

Lose weight, stay fit, achieve a personal best or simply enjoy a social ride. VBike will help you to achieve your goals - and have fun while you're training.



Get started.

It's simple to get started, just drop in or book your free trial online now.


Talk to us.

Call, email or drop in. We'd love to give you a tour.

Try us out.

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Other services.

Alongside the cycling studio, VBike provides everything you need to become a better cyclist - pedal stroke analysis, training packages for event preparation, fitness testing, bike fits, custom bike builds and bike servicing.

 Bike fits

Bike fits

If your bike set-up needs work or you want a pre-purchase fit before buying your next bike, book a bike fit. Our master bike fitter has helped over 3,000 cyclists ride more comfortably and efficiently.

 Improve pedalling efficiency

Pedal stroke analysis

Cycle further and faster with less effort. Pedal stroke analysis is an essential tool for learning correct pedaling technique. SpinScan provides the on-screen information you need to get the most out of each turn of the pedal.

 Bike servicing

Bike servicing

Bike need servicing? Our in-house bike mechanic will give your ride all the love it deserves. With a full range of bike repairs available, it’s easy to keep your bike in the best possible condition at VBike.

 Cycling fitness testing

Fitness testing

Establish your fitness baseline and track your improvements. To ensure you're always progressing to the next level, VBike offers functional threshold power (FTP) fitness testing and maximum aerobic function (MAF) fitness testing.

 Custom bike build

Custom bike build

Get a better bike for your budget. You don't have to be pro to benefit from a custom bike build. We'll help you mix and match the right frame with the best componentry for the money you’ve got.

 Event preparation for Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge

Event preparation

Want to prepare for a cycling event like the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge or focus on a specific discipline like triathlon? Whether you're a beginner or advanced cyclist, you can get race ready with a specialized indoor training package.



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