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Title: ENVE Air Pressure Station
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The ENVE Air Pressure Station is an automatic digital inflator that helps to seat, and accurately inflate any tire to within a .5% of a psi or bar. The Air Pressure Station connects to your existing air compressorand mounts cleanly on any wall or surface for an instant upgrade to your workshop. The unit features a digital interface, three tire pressure presets, tubeless tire/flat tire override function for safe and efficient tubeless tire seating.

  • Accurate air pressure to within .5% of psi/bar
  • Smartphone scannable NFC tag directs users to latest ENVE tire pressure charts and landing page
  • Automatic hands-free inflation
  • 3 x air pressure presets
  • Tire pressure range between 3psi (.2bar) and 145psi (10bar)
  • Compatible with an air compressor or bottled air
  • Adjustable presta-valve air chuck with 15 foot coiled air hose
  • International Protection Rating: IP66, provides complete weather protection (except submersions)
  • May be hardwired and mounted to mobile service trucks, vans, and trailers


  • Quick Start Guide
  • Inflation unit with air supply inlet and outlet fittings
  • Power cord
  • 4.5m coiled output air hose
  • ENVE x KCNC Adjustable Presta-Valve Air Chuck
  • • ¼”x ¼” NPT Automotive & Industrial Style Fittings
  • Wall mount bracket and hardware to attach bracket to unit


  • Air compressor
  • Compressed air supply hose
  • Air supply hose fittings
  • Wall mount hardware – is not included as there are too many surfaces and customized ways this unit can be mounted. Be sure to use the appropriate hardware and anchors for the surface you intend to mount the unit to.)

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