Ritchey WCS Chicane Stem


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Ritchey WCS Chicane Stem

Tom Ritchey’s ongoing legacy of innovative bicycle stem design realizes its next step with the aerodynamic Chicane. 
This stealthy stem is optimized to reduce drag but retain stiffness and a lower weight thanks to the use of 2014 alloy. 
The unique Chicane achieves its low drag by using hidden bolts that secure the low-profile hinged faceplate from behind, a low-profile magnetic top cap, and an internal steerer wedge clamp. 
The combination of the unique top cap and the lack of external steerer clamp bolts provide the Chicane with clean lines for an elegant and integrated look to the front end of any bike.

Aerodynamically shaped with hidden bolts to reduce drag
Internal steerer wedge clamp for an external smooth shape
Unique magnetic top cap

Material: 2014 alloy
Cr-Mo Steel faceplate bolts
Lengths: 90-130mm
Angle: 80°
Bar Clamp: 31.8mm
Steerer: 1-1/8"
Steerer Height: 45.5mm
Faceplate Width: 45mm
Color: Blatte
Weight: 175g (100mm)


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