Vitamin C Lipo-Sachets

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Who should take Vitamin C?

Almost everyone can benefit from taking vitamin C, but especially if you:

  • Have a compromised immune system
  • Are feeling the symptoms of ills and chills
  • Are feeling ‘run down’, tired or stressed
  • Lead a very active lifestyle or undertake strenuous exercise
  • Are travelling or have just travelled
  • Smoke and/or consume high levels of alcohol
  • Have a pre-existing condition for which vitamin C is recommended as a complementary therapy
  • Live in the city (due to environmental pollutants and toxins)
The benefits of taking VITAMIN C LIPO-SACHETS®
  • Supports the normal function of the immune system
  • Helps to reduce the frequency and severity of ills and chills and supports recovery
  • Helps to protect cells from harmful free-radicals due to its antioxidant properties
  • Supports the production of collagen, essential for maintaining the skin, blood vessels, bones, cartilage, gums and teeth
  • Supports the formation of connective tissue to assist in wound healing
  • Supports iron absorption

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