5 tips to get back into training

With the lack of sporting events and turbulent times we currently live in, staying fit has taken the back seat for many of us. At VBike we want 2022 to be the year of getting back on track and remembering how good it feels to be in shape. The hardest part of exercise, by far, is getting started. So here are 5 simple steps to help you get back into your training groove.

1. Reinvigorate 

Before introducing any kind of structure, make sure your first week of training is purely enjoyment based. Head out with no specific duration or intensity goals and remember what it feels like to have endorphins pumping and wind in your hair. It’s important to get back in touch with why you started in the first place.

2. What is measured, improves

You will need to recalibrate your training to your current fitness level. There is no use trying to pick up where you left off; it will only leave you deflated and over trained. Find a way to assess your current fitness level, such as an FTP test for cyclists. From there you can set your training zones and realistic workouts. You also gain a bench mark that you can re-test each month to track progress. 

3. Goals

Set yourself some specific goals to achieve. Try not to be vague; choose something that can be ticked off when completed. Rather than ‘get stronger’ or ‘lose weight’, try ‘increase FTP by 15 watts by June’, or ‘finish Taupo cycle challenge in under 6 hours’.

4. Include others

It is natural to want to keep your training plans private to minimise accountability. The truth is, though, you are more likely to succeed with supportive people around you. You may be surprised how much other people enjoy getting behind you and giving that extra push when the going gets tough. Search for a training group, or bring on board your supportive friends and family to your journey.

5. Ability limiters

Spend some time with a pencil and paper jotting down anything that has got in the way of your performance in the past. This could be injuries, time constraints, motivation etc. Now is the time to pre-empt these issues cropping up again, so write a plan on how to tackle them. For example, if your knees get sore when you start to increase training volume, think about a physio appointment or getting a bike fit. If it is time related, try to re-shuffle your calendar to make room.

If you have any question on this topic or are looking for a friendly community to train with, feel free to get in touch or swing by the studio.

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