Why should I buy an E-Bike?

Bike in Photo: 2022 Focus SAM2 6.9 BOSCH 625WH (for more info Click Here)

What are the Benefits of having an Electric Bike?

We live in the future! Technology has enhanced our lives in every way. Modern transportation has come in the shape of the E-Bike, an electrically driven two-wheeled wonder. There's no doubt that electric bikes are becoming more popular, and with more and more models coming out they continue improve. Whether you're looking for a commute to work or you’re riding mountain bike trails, there’s an e-bike out there for you. There are many reasons to get an E-Bike, ranging from health and fitness to economic and environmental advantages. Let's take a quick look at a few:


The technology of an e-bike provides you with all the additional energy you need to travel long distances with minimal effort. With the introduction of the cycling lanes throughout New Zealand (especially Auckland) and traffic-free routes, this makes e-bikes the ideal way to get to work with some light exercise and a reduced commuting time. These lanes are only becoming more popular in cities as the government and the community encourage people to give up their cars and start riding bikes. They’re making riding on the road safe again!


Electric bikes have proven to be a practical micro-mobility alternative for today's grownups. As previously said, with an E-Bike you can ride for longer, at a quicker pace than a traditional bike. This enables you to cover more distance and reduce commute times whether you're heading to work, catching up with friends or getting to your son's football game. Similarly, E-Bikes have significant benefits over typical gas-powered vehicles. You avoid traffic, get some exercise done (you choose how hard you work) and most importantly you get a breath of fresh air. 

When commuting you want a bike that you feel comfortable on, especially if you're using it day to day. This is why one of our most popular E-Bikes is the Hybrid - F18 Cruise Elite Special, due to its focus on comfort and durability. This 100% New Zealand owned and operated brand knows what us kiwi’s like, and that's why they’ve done so well to deliver us with a kiwi favourite E-Bike. 



  • An E-Bike will allow you to keep up with your friends

One of the most significant advantages of electric bikes, according to their users, is the ability to keep up with quicker riders. It makes team rides more fun since fewer fit riders don't feel like they're slowing down the front of the pack. It's also suitable for family rides where capacities vary. This allows you to make your exercise much more sociable since you can keep up and converse with your friends while riding. When mountain biking you may find that one person gets up the hill or trial much faster than you, that’s when you turn up the power and stay on their tail. 

One of VBike’s customer favourite mountain E-Bikes, is the 2022 Focus SAM2 6.7. With a powerful 625Wh BOSCH motor and high performance suspension this bike is perfect for climbing hills, soaking up the bumps and keeping up with your friends.


  • E-Bikes make it easier to get up hills

Many cyclists suffer on slopes, and even if you're a great climber, your speed will certainly decrease on the hills. This is where an e-bike is so necessary, you let motor will kick in to provide assistance up the hill. Whether you want a full assist or just a little extra power, you can choose the level of assistance. Once you reach the top of a hill, you'll still feel good and ready to keep riding, so you'll be less inclined to stop to rest and more likely to keep going!

  • Improved mental health

E-Bikes make riding more practical, and people are more inclined to do it since you can choose the difficulty while you ride. If you’re not feeling like a hard ride you can ride with the full-assist, providing the same activity you’d normally do but with less effort. It’s known that getting out into nature, moving around and breathing fresh air can play a very important role in good mental health. By riding an E-Bike it gives you the opportunity to explore more than you normally could on a normal bike ride. The change of scenery, and fresh air will help you improve your mood, decrease stress, promote restful sleep, and boost productivity.

For cruising like this you want a bike with a good motor that'll last on those longer rides. Since we sell only the best at VBike we try to choose E-Bikes with good long lasting batteries. One of our best cruising E-Bikes The Fat Murf Electric Bike has a Samsung 1160wh motor in it, built to last 56km and has a top speed of 40km/h.



  • E-Bikes are quite silent

Electric bikes are a peaceful form of transportation that allows you to relax and appreciate your surroundings. When you speed or climb hills, in a car there is normally a mild whirr; however, an E-Bike creates minimal noise, and thus there is no noise pollution nor is there any atmospheric pollution.


Is an Electric Bike really worth it?

Yes. Electric bikes are undoubtedly worth purchasing, owning, and using as they help us keep fit, healthy, and they make life simpler and more functional.  E-Bikes provide a new and interesting way to get around without having as much of an impact on the environment. Also you don’t have to worry about rising fuel prices when you buy an E-Bike, just charge it up and you're ready to go!

If you are interested in purchasing an E-Bike or even just to check them out take a look at our range online or come visit us at 23 Westhaven Drive, Westhaven (Test rides available). Ready to take off now that you've learned about all the advantages of E-Bikes?


Check out VBike's Range of electric bikes to see what works for you.

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