Winter training tips

Waking up in the pitch black to the sound of pelting rain. Hopping into kit when you’re already cold to the bone. ANOTHER puncture. Slippery corners. Yep, winter is looming.

Most people lose training momentum through winter; a soggy chamois is not conducive to a fun time. But it doesn’t have to all be winter blues… Here are some tips to reframe the winter grind into an opportunity to emerge stronger and faster for the summer ahead. 


Periodize your training so that you focus on strength and endurance during the colder months. There’s no need to be in tip top shape with no events on. So rein back the eagerness and focus on strength and endurance training to lay the foundations so that you can reach a deeper level of fitness when you come to introduce higher intensity workouts.

Zone 2 training, Hero movement (2013)

Approach training with the weather conditions in mind. When it’s cold and wet your muscles will be constricted and airways narrowed, so limit outdoor riding to purely endurance training. Any intensity should be done on an indoor trainer to limit unnecessary strain on the body. One cold training session leading to illness could set you back weeks.

We stock a range of indoor smart trainers where you can pre-program your workout or enjoy a group ride on one of the many virtual cycling platforms. 

 Elite Suito T

Alternatively, studio riding can be a good way of structured training whilst also getting the encouragement of being amongst others. Our VBike cycling studio is the second home to many Auckland cyclists because of the friendly and supportive atmosphere. The studio is purpose built with fans and big screens so there’s no need to annoy your flat mates with pools of sweat and loud music. 

VBike studio

Don’t get caught out in a rain storm without quality clothing. Give yourself warm and dry bubble of technical clothing so you can troop on when the going gets tough. Castelli’s winter line features GORE-TEX® technology for a waterproof barrier to the elements. Our favourite garments are fluro as they help keep you visible on the road, like the Castelli Perfetto jacket. Fluorescent materials looks about 200 percent brighter in daylight because of the way it reflects ultraviolet light!

De Ronde (Castelli)

Finally, there are a few changes to your bike that will keep you safe. Switching out the race tyres for some bomb proof rubber like the Schwalbe Durano DD will save you the untimely puncture and give you better grip in wet conditions. It can also be quite dark in the mornings and afternoons and you have to remember that drivers aren’t typically looking for you, so a good pair of lights will make you stand out. 


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